Leadership and Management Training Testimonials

Management Training Testimonials

“This class was the best professional training I've had in years!

The four key areas were communication, motivation, delegation and evaluation. Because I am a new manager, I needed every concept that was taught. As a starting point, the most important for me was communication. The instructor went over personality and behavior patterns that help a manager to use the right communication style when dealing with each different employee to ensure that messages are sent effectively and received with maximum clarity and minimum distortion. Two way feedback is necessary to constantly assess needs, concerns, problems, interests and establish trust on both sides. Trust in itself is a motivational tool. The manager must create an environment of openness to show employees they are accessible and involved while representing authority and leadership (a bit like parenting).

The difference between delegation (meant to challenge and develop employee skills) and task assignment (meant to get a task completed) could mean the difference between employee satisfaction or stagnation. In delegation, the employee is given more and more autonomy in decision making until they have learned the skills and earned the responsibility of owning tasks and projects. I was not there for most of the evaluation section (dealing with work issues on the phone) so I will not comment.

Overall, I learned that the role of the manager is not to know how to execute the detailed areas of expertise of the employees (which I've been trying to do for a year now). The manager's role is to enable communication and to coordinate time tables, projects and resources to enhance employee development and achieve company goals.

The instructor, was truly excellent. Her casual, personable style made learning and interfacing with classmates easy. The class was lively with lots of participation. We seldom got off track. When we did, she skillfully guided the focus back to the concept being taught. Movement from one concept to another seemed naturally connected. I was also blessed to have four additional instructors (other classmates -- Scott, Michael, Mike and Shaquan) who each took me under their wings to teach me from their own experiences. I could not have asked for better! ”

Valerie Campbell Production Support Manager, Atlas Air, Inc. - New York, New York
Instructor kept my interest very well. Content of class was very helpful on reading peoples attributes to help us know how they will react to certain conlicts in the workplace. Doug Auckland Lab and Processing Manager - Akron, Ohio

"The Managerial Coaching Skills class I attended recently has had a very positive effect on my job performance, as well as the employee that attended with me. The knowledge we gained in the class has allowed us to communicate with one another much more effectively and openly. He also has complete control of his anger and emotions and I want to thank you for this very positive change. It saved his job and a lot of hair pulling on my part.

Not only have we experienced personal benefit, we have also seen a huge growth in our customer service skills. I am overjoyed with the improvement. I am seeing and I know that we will continue to see our business grow as more and more happy customers tell their friends about what a great place Mama’s is to eat. Jim, I can truly say that the skills we learned in your M.C.S. class are helping us to continue to grow in the right direction, and even better, it is making my job easier.

The shock to me is that I can truly say the experience and results were ABSOLUTELY worth the investment."

Debbie Kritikos Mom's Country Kitchen - Houston, Texas

“I want to first start by thanking all involved for the privilege and opportunity to take the Managerial Coaching Skills interactive class. Other classes that I have taken seem to pale in comparison. The course material was presented very well and I know would benefit all managers throughout our contract. The interactive format allowed all participants to enjoy the full impact of the learning experience.

Your Instructor did a great job presenting the information and was very knowledgeable. She provided real life experiences from various companies that she has worked with which I found to be beneficial in visualizing some of the cause and affect interactions of managers and employees. Although cost may be a factor, the long term benefit of engaging in communication coaching sessions will offset the cost through increased productivity and accountability.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed the class and am currently putting the techniques learned into practice. Thanks again!”

Dale E. Singletary, MCP Trawick and Associates - Washington, DC

"I wanted to get back to you sooner but due to my heavy travel schedule I am running a bit behind. The purpose of this letter is to give you some very positive feedback on the training you have supplied to our Dallas, Denver, and Boston offices.

The management and coaching program has helped our staff to deal more directly with our staff members needs and concerns. You were able to give us a simple but comprehensive understanding of behavioral styles, how to speak to subordinates with empathy, coach and council, and really get better results from all of our team members.

At our recent staff meeting here in our Dallas office two of our administrative staff members insisted at speaking about how much of a change in proper management coaching has taken place because of your Managerial Coaching Workshop. You now have been officially credited with saving us some staff turn over. As you promised a savings that would roll to the bottom line. I wanted to let you know you really have saved us money!

Please feel free to use me as a referral. Thank you again for a job well done."

Bill Camp Dresser & McKee