Exceptional IT Management Training Skills

Exceptional IT Management Training

An IT manager’s success is measured by the motivation, focus, skills and success of their entire IT team.  The IT team is under pressure to deliver exceptional productivity across a variety of functions – from the help desk to upgrading technology to keeping up with compliance issues and making sure the email server doesn’t crash. Beyond managing the technology, though, there is a wild card in the equation that many new IT managers have never before had to deal with: the people factor.  The secret to successful IT Management is to be able to inspire and equip diverse groups of people with differing needs, skills, opinions and experience levels to go out and meet these challenges, which is much more difficult than replacing a server or migrating data.

This highly interactive One-Day Exceptional IT Management training workshop uses activities, worksheets, best-practice discussions and role plays to help IT supervisors and IT managers practice and develop IT management techniques for communication, conflict management, motivation, delegation, and evaluation.  These five basic concepts are the foundation of IT Management, and their proper execution is based on knowing and understanding the employees working on the team. 

Participants in the Exceptional IT Management Skills workshop will:

  1. Gain a clear understanding of the goals and tools of effective IT Management
  2. Leverage the four behavioral styles to better understand your IT employees needs in order to communicate with and motivate them more effectively
  3. Implement effective communication skills when training, managing and coaching IT employees
  4. Motivate IT team members to be more engaged and productive
  5. Use delegation strategies that will open up more time for you, improve the efficiency of your department and enhance the skills of the entire work group
  6. Plan and set S.M.A.R.T. goals to enhance IT Management performance
  7. Implement an effective evaluation process, to improve employee performance and keep lines of communication open
  8. Address conflict in the workplace and implement effective solutions

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